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Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Services in Warsaw

Ofertę usług kadrowo-płacowych kierujemy przede wszystkim do mikro-, małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw, w których nie funkcjonują oddzielne działy zajmujące się bieżącą obsługą kadrowo-płacową firmy i zatrudnianych przez nią pracowników.

As part of HR and payroll services, we offer:

  • Our offer of HUMAN RESOURCES AND PAYROLL SERVICES is mostly addressed to micro-, small and medium enterprises that do not have their own HR or payroll departments to handle human resources and payroll processes in the company and for its employees.
    • keeping personal files, documentation, reporting, personnel correspondence etc.;
    • checking formal compliance and completeness of personnel documents with legal requirements;
    • providing information about important dates and deadlines following from personal files and legal regulations;
    • preparing payroll for employees and contractors;
    • filling in bank transfer forms for Personal Income Tax, social security contributions etc.;
    • keeping obligatory record of employees’ remunerations;
    • preparing declarations for social security contributions (ZUS), Personal Income Tax (PIT) and contributions for the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON);
    • preparing annual tax information for employees and contractors (PIT-11 or PIT-40);
    • servicing expatriates.
    We perform all operations involved in human resources and payroll services for enterprises in conformity with the required formal compliance and completeness of HR documents under the applicable legislation.

How much does it cost?

Human Resources and payroll services offered by POLFINANS are fully tailored to the needs and expectations of each Client. Accordingly, the cost of service, billing method as well as payments are agreed directly with each Client. Regular Clients are eligible for attractive lump sum payment arrangements.

Zapytanie ofertowe na obsługę kadrowo-płacową:

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